Tuesday, March 17, 2009

weddings and things

I am finding out, like all brides before me, just how many details go into planning a wedding. And this is a simple wedding! - and many people have offered to help as well. Still, there are details, and soon there will be more, since my certified birth certificates have arrived today. That means Abraham and I can start on all the paperwork to required by the Mexican government. That's a good thing, I suppose.

One of the details that I don't think many American brides have to think about is how to decorate the tortilla cloths. I wouldn't have thought about that, but my future mother-in-law Six asked me what I thought we should decorate them with. Would it be easier to paint them or embroider? Definitely paint. So, since yesterday was a holiday in Mexico, I went to their house for the whole day, and we painted tortilla cloths. They look very nice, by the way.

On Saturday my roommate and I went to her favorite downtown market. I hadn't been there before, so we first stopped in to the fish section to browse first. I simply couldn't resist buying a few octopus tentacles. They are so slimy and unappealing looking, that I just had to try them out. I've eaten squid and octopus before but hadn't had the fun of cooking it myself before Saturday.

A week ago Sunday, Abraham told the story of Jonah to the kids at Huejotzingo. I have the Jonah and the Big Fish dvd from Veggie Tales, so this last Sunday we took Abraham's computer, the church's projector, my speakers, and lots of popcorn and a popper, fruit, and soda so the kids could watch the movie. We told them to try to notice the differences between the Bible story and the movie (for one thing, Jonah wasn't an asparagus), and next week, if they write down five differences, they can get a prize. Thirteen kids showed up and mowed through two kilos of popcorn, sliced oranges, two large sodas, and water melon. They seemed to thoroughly enjoy the movie as well. Please continue to pray for these kids and their families.

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