Saturday, July 11, 2015


I can count on my fingers, it seems, the number of days this year when no one in our family has been ill.  None of the illness, so far, has been particularly bad, but it feels like we´ve had a steady stream of coughs, colds, and unidentified fevers.  It all started on New Year´s Eve with Abish throwing up a few times.  On Jan.1, he was droopy and nauseated, so we took him to the doctor, and he started
a throat and mouth infection
antibiotics.  As I write, he is recovering from a throat infection, complete with open sores.  For that, he had to suffer through three shots, because the doctor said many of the throat infections are resistant to a variety of antibiotics.  Although the shots are over, he still has to take an expectorant and swish baking soda water around his mouth several times daily.

Leilani hasn´t escaped illness either.  After recovering in June, with the help of ampicilin, from a month-long cough, last night, for no apparent reason, she came down with a fever.  We gave her medicine to bring her temperature down, and during the night, she seemed better.  In the morning she had a fever again, but after more paracetamol, she has been mostly okay all day.  We´re keeping an eye on her to see if her immune system can handle the infection or if she will need antibiotics yet again.

Abraham and the kids have had different colds, too.

Please pray for us.  Pray for health, and pray for protection from curses.  Huejotzingo is steeped in witch craft,and there are quite a few people who are not happy we´re teaching the Gospel here.  We don´t know for sure if anyone has tried to put a curse on us, but it is a strong possibility.  Pray too as we prepare for our VBS which is July 20 - 24, with the closing July 26.

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