Wednesday, April 27, 2011


We were late on Thursday to show the Jesus film to the children in Huejotzingo.  We didn't have a copy of the movie, so Abraham tried to find it online, but he wasn't able to.  The good thing is, the Puebla Christian School library had a copy of the Jesus film for children.  We had told the children the film would be at 5, and we didn't even arrive in Huejotzingo until 5:30.  However, soon we rounded up the children who had arrived but had given up and left.  We have an air popper, and the children were entertained taking turns dumping the kernels into the machine and watching the popcorn explode out.  Once we had a huge tub of popcorn ready, we set up the television and started the movie.  Although all the children immediately informed us that the movie had just been on the television, they still watched with interest.
Abraham leading the Seder Supper

The following day, Abraham, Six, and I set up a Seder meal for the children. This was the first time we had tried presenting the meal, and there were plenty of distractions what with flies, some children fussing loudly over the taste of the bitter herbs (radish), and one participant protesting that she couldn't eat lamb because it is red meat and Lent hadn't ended yet.  Still, overall the supper went well, and Abraham spoke of how each food symbolized not only events of the past but also our present human condition.

On Saturday Abraham and I went to the market to buy ingredients to make gorditas and salsa for our Easter morning breakfast.  During the afternoon Six and Abraham worked on making the gorditas and salsa while I almost finished unpacking.  Ken arrived in the evening, and we practiced a few songs.

Sunday was an early morning, since we planned to have the service at 7.  Accustomed either to late rising or to early rising and immediate work, no one showed up on time.  The children of family that lives upstairs in the house where we rent the downstairs arrived, sleepy and tousle-headed, along with their mother.  The children left with Abraham to see if anyone else was awake and to help wake the sleepers.

At 8:15 we actually started the service.  We sang several Easter songs and took turns reading portions of Scripture related to Jesus' resurrection.  Abraham explained the passages briefly and told the children that if they hadn't received Jesus into their hearts, they could take the opportunity to do it that day.  I was seated next to a girl who normally attends but who openly declares that she believes there is no God.  Usually during singing, she sits slouched, staring off into space.  On Sunday she actually sang along with "God Will Make a Way", a song we introduced for the first time.  Slight progress perhaps, but encouraging all the same.

After the brief service, we served the gorditas with salsa and also atole, a thick warming milk drink.  When everyone had eaten their fill, the majority of the children began a game of soccer and then kick ball with Abraham and Ken.  Six and I worked on some of the children's scarves that they are making to exchange with my students at P.C.S. shortly after Children's Day.  Some of them have already finished their scarves, but a few are a bit behind.  As the day grew hotter, the children, Ken, and Abraham continued playing until finally it was too hot, and everyone was too tired.

In the afternoon, Six and Ken went to visit family, and Abraham and I took the bus to Puebla to eat potluck lunch with some P.C.S. teachers.  We enjoyed a pleasant time with them and returned home at night.

This Saturday is Dia del Niño, and we will be having a small fair in Huejotzingo.  A family connected with P.C.S. has games, including an inflatable water slide that they will be bringing, and we hope to have icees as well, since we found out that there is a man in the neighborhood who knows how to make them.  We pray that other neighborhood children will see the games and join in and that they will also be interested in joining us on Sunday afternoons.

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