Thursday, April 21, 2011

Huejotzingo residents

As of April 2, Abraham and I began living in Huejotzingo.  Because both of us are still working and/or attending school in Puebla, we have been commuting, primarily by bus, every school day.  We have to be at the bus stop by 7, or we will be late arriving in Puebla.  Usually we return home by about 6.  As a result of being away from home so much, we haven’t finished unpacking yet, but we have made enough progress to make the house livable.  During Easter break we will probably be able to finish unpacking and settling everything.  In fact, we need to finish so that we can prepare the two separated rooms (where we currently have half-unpacked boxes) for moving the children's group there by the end of this month.

Last week we adopted a street puppy on Tuesday night and named him Canelito.  We didn't have him for very long though.  Unfortunately, he had already contracted parvovirus before we took him home, and on Saturday morning, he died.  It was a sad ending to the attempted rescue.  Now, although we have scrubbed the patio with bleach, it is hard to know whether we have killed all the parvo that he brought with him, so it looks difficult to adopt another, unvaccinated puppy.  The vet told us that the vaccine does no good for puppies who are already infected and that the virus can live up to two years if missed by the bleach.

On Saturday afternoon after leaving the vet's office, we visited some of the children and spent a short time with them.  When we left them, we visited one family and ended up passing quite awhile with them.  The mother, Doña Benita, is going to teach me how to make tortillas this coming Monday, and I will teach her and some of her older children how to make some cakes and cookies later on.

We have twice invited to our house the children of the group that usually joins us on Sunday afternoons.  They did not come, but we hope that they and their parents will become more comfortable with the idea that they are welcome.  This week we will be having Easter activities at the location where we normally meet.  On Thursday afternoon, we will be showing at least part of the Jesus film.  On Friday afternoon we will present a Passover meal - not a complete one, but one with small portions of the main elements - and explaining what each food represented in the Old Testament and what it represents to Christ-followers now.   Sunday morning, we will have a semi-sunrise service at 7 o'clock.  Please pray that all the children attend and that they will learn or will have confirmed what they know of Jesus' sacrifice.  We would also be glad to have parents attend, but they usually don't.

Have a blessed Easter.  Remember, He is Risen!

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