Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Finished reports

My fifth and sixth grade students wrote reports and speeches and made posters about African leaders for social studies.  We are all glad when the reports were finished.  As difficult as it is for the students to learn how to research and write reports (including bibliographies), it is just as much of a challenge for me as their teacher.  We have to rely on the internet, because, although PCS has a library, it is a small one, and almost none of the leaders that the children chose to research have information in the library.  Puebla Christian School also has internet, but only sometimes, and never in my classroom.  To do research, we would check out the school's six laptops and then also one of the children would use my computer (which does not work unless plugged in), and two of the kids brought computers from home, and one of the children used the library's desktop.  We trooped down to the teachers' lounge, and the students began.  And so did the questions, "Mrs. Lechuga, I have not found _______-'s date of birth on this website.  What do I do?"  The questions were constant, and so were the technology problems.  One computer would not connect.  Another one would, but then it always dropped the signal.

Yet, after all that, the students finally did put their reports together and wrote their speeches.  They worked on posters at home, and on March 3rd and 4th, they presented their information to the class.  They all did an excellent job.  We will not be doing reports again for awhile.

Now we have finished a chapter on ancient Greece, and Abraham and I will be organizing some "Olympic Games" for them on Tuesday, their normal PE day.  They will also be bringing in ingredients to make pizza, since the Greeks first invented pizza - without tomatoes which were a New World crop.

This week the PCS students are at Spiritual Emphasis Camp, along with students from two other schools and from home school.  The elementary students attended from Saturday to Tuesday, and the high schoolers began Tuesday afternoon and attend until Friday morning.  Abraham and I were going to help with registration, but ended up going to Dios es Amor instead to attend a conference begun on Friday.  There is a small team from Pennsylvania at the church, and the pastor on the team gave a conference on servanthood.  Abraham translated on Friday, and we attended on Saturday and Sunday morning. 

On Sunday, we stayed very late in Huejotzingo.  After being with the children in the afternoon and starting Walk Through the Bible New Testament with them, we went to visit Marta and Jorge as we normally do.  We also went to visit a couple and ended up staying with them a long time, because they are going through a relationship crisis.  Six and I talked with the woman while Abraham talked with the man.  Please be praying for them.  Humanly speaking, their marriage does not have hope of survival, but God can change them and bring union again.

We continue to look for a place to live in Huejotzingo.  We have to move out of the seminary apartments before the end of this month, since the seminary is selling the apartments.  Please pray we find a place soon.

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