Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Our New House

The inside of the house is just as brightly painted
in these same colors.  
Thanks for your prayers for us to find a house in Huejotzingo.  Last Thursday when Abraham went to do the Bible studies there, he asked passersby if they knew of any houses for rent.  Some people did know of a house and directed him to the renters.  It's a fairly large house, with three rooms, a living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom.  The lay-out allows us to have two rooms - the ones with separate entrance to the street - for the kids' club that we have on Sunday afternoons.  At present Dios es Amor pays the rent for two rooms and an open area in the house of a Huejotzingo family, but in May we will move the supplies and the club to our house.

The bathroom looks sort of like a hallway, long and narrow, and it separates the two rooms from the rest of the house.  There is nothing to distinguish any of the rooms for any particular use, so we will decide where to locate our kitchen/dining room, the living room, and our room.  The patio outside will provide ample space for our potted plants and also for some games with the kids.  God truly provided the ideal place.  We continue to pray for the funds to buy land so that we can build our own house and no longer have to pay rent.  The owners of the place where we will be moving agreed to rent to us at a lower price than their original quote, but only for six months.  After that time, they will evaluate the situation and maybe keep the same rent rate or maybe raise it.

While moving during the school year is difficult, it has given us the chance to see God's people working together.  Before we found a house to rent, several people offered rooms in their houses to us or let us know of possible places to rent in Puebla.  Once we found the house last week, people began to offer to help us pack and move.  One of my students, hearing that Abraham and I needed boxes, made sure to collect several when his family went shopping at Costco.  Other people have sent money for furniture, since we have very little.

It has been encouraging to see the 7th, 8th, and 9th grade girls' Bible study at Puebla Christian School working hard to raise money for Don Jorge and Doña Marta.  The girls asked me about their needs, and when I told them that Don Jorge needs glasses, they decided to put on a bake sale with the goal to raise 1,000 pesos.  They sold sweets on Monday and Tuesday and raised about 700 pesos.  We have also begun receiving more and more recyclable plastic and metal each week which we give to Marta who sells them to help meet expenses.  Please continue to pray for Marta and Jorge and for the girls at PCS who are reaching out to help people they have never even met.

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