Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The "Real" Olympics

Tuesday the fifth and sixth grade went out at 10 for an extra time of PE, but this time it was for the "real" Olympics that they had practiced for last week.  The kids had chosen countries to represent and made flags to carry in the opening ceremony.  Because my classroom has an even number of boys and girls, the teams were made up of a boy and a girl.  I was pleased to see how well they worked together, choosing their country, designing their flags, and even deciding on the color to wear for the games.

Abraham and I added some events to the ones the students had practiced last week.  They had not had time to practice "discus", but they tried it anyway (although frisbees are hard to throw discus style).  We also added a wet shirt relay at the end of the games.  Since Tuesday was a scorcher, the kids didn't mind the soaking shirts.  When the hockey, tug of war, discus, shot put, and relays ended, Spain emerged as a winner, with the other countries following not far behind.  Everyone received chocolate coins as prizes, and we returned to the school for the regular classes.

The end of the school year, our last with PCS, is coming close to an end.  We just began fourth quarter, and we'll end May 31.  Abraham and I, however, have to move this weekend or the next one, if the seminary gives us the chance to wait a few extra days.  This is an unwanted adventure, since we do not have a place to move.  Many people have kindly offered space in their homes, and we may have storage space at the office of one of the missionary families.  Still, neither Abraham nor I are excited about having to move while still working at PCS and while Abraham still has classes at the seminary.  We have known about the move since December, but time sneaked up on us, and we have not packed or prepared anything yet, nor do we even have boxes to pack in.  Please continue to pray that we find a place to live, preferably a house to rent in Huejotzingo.  We are also praying for the funds to buy land and build our own home, but that will be after we have to move.

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