Tuesday, March 1, 2011

some steps back

Very soon we will probably be moving out to Huejotzingo.  The apartment where we have lived since shortly after marrying is owned by the seminary, and they will be selling the apartments at the end of March.  Abraham and I have asked around to see if there is a place closer to both our schools where we could stay for the final two months of the school year, but so far we have found nothing.  Therefore, on Sunday we asked a Huejotzingo man to keep his eyes open for a place where we could move there.  Huejotzingo is not close to either Puebla Christian School or the seminary, but since we intend to move there to work full time after the school year ends, it seems logical to move as soon as the seminary apartments are not available.  This will mean very early mornings for us both, since the bus takes at least an hour and a half between Huejotzingo and the schools.  Please pray that we find a place to live and that we can move out there without any difficulties.

There is no doubt that the people of Huejotzingo need to hear about God's love for them.  Last September, Abraham began spending several hours every Thursday in Huejotzingo with several different families.  He continues with a Bible study with Lupe, Marta, and Jorge.  The two women accepted Jesus into their lives during a study with Abraham several months ago.  After hearing that Marta collects recyclable cans and plastics to stretch her meager income, one of the girls' Bible study classes at Puebla Christian School began campaigning for students to bring in recyclables and also asked for prayer for Marta and Jorge.

While it is encouraging to see the P.C.S. students take an interest in these two, there are times of difficulty as well.  One of the men that Abraham had been talking with on Thursdays suffers from health problems brought about by intestinal inflammation.  Two weeks ago when Abraham visited him, the man was in extreme pain, thinking he would die.  Abraham spent some time with him and prayed with him.  Last week, the man was feeling much better, but had a hostile attitude toward Abraham.  He said Abraham had tricked him about the Bible, that the Bible did not teach the truth.  He cited the parables of Jesus as an example of untruth, because the stories didn't actually happen.  He also implied that Abraham makes him waste his time by stopping to talk with him.  It was discouraging for Abraham to hear him speak in such a way after the man had been friendly before.  Please pray that the man would be open again to hearing the gospel and that he would give his heart with all its burdens to God.

Another problem that has arisen is with three of the children that had been coming regularly on Sunday afternoons.  The mother of one of the girls reopened her small store, and then she told the children that they had to be in charge of the store rather than go with us.  Two of the children are niece and nephew of the store owner, but they live at the house with her and two of her children.  The children are around the ages of 8, 10, and 11, and the two younger ones are responsible for the store.  Please pray that they will be allowed to leave the store on Sunday afternoons.

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