Tuesday, March 15, 2011


The fifth and sixth graders just finished their social studies chapter about ancient Greece.  Abraham and I put together some Olympic events for them on Tuesday, their normal PE day.  Today they also had third quarter's PE test, so we chose to extend the PE period to include practice in the Olympics.  Lacking official materials, we used broom sticks instead of javelins, baseball bats and whiffle balls instead of hockey sticks and pucks, water balloons instead of shot puts, and frisbees instead of discus.  We did have proper badminton equipment, but it was quite entertaining to see the students pursue the birdies all over the field, because most of the students had never played before.

Next week will be the actual Olympics for fifth and sixth.  We divided them into teams of two, and they will choose what country to represent.  They will also choose what colors to wear and make their flags.  Perhaps they will win olive oil?  That was the prize the ancient Greeks won.

Several people in Huejotzingo and in Dios es Amor are helping us to look for a house in Huejotzingo.  We now only have two weeks left before we are supposed to move out of the apartment so the seminary can sell them.  Please keep praying for a place for us.

A neighbor of Lupe and Marta's recently joined the Bible study that Abraham leads on Thursdays.  Fatima is not a Christian, but she has many questions and has eagerly attended the study the past two weeks.  There are times when she or Lupe cannot attend, but the ladies decided to hold their own Bible study once a week. How encouraging to see their interesting in growing more!

The students of PCS and their families continue to bring in recyclable cans and plastics for Marta.  We have been taking one enormous trash bag full to her each week, sometimes more.  With the money she earns by selling the items, she can pay part of her monthly rent.  The PCS girls' Bible study has been discussing ways to raise money for glasses for Don Jorge.

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